Designed to Fit!

Designed To Fit, LLC is committed to helping organizations meet their mission or core purpose and to meet the needs of their customers, by ensuring their computer systems are relevant for their current operation and for their future strategic direction.

We consider computer systems to be relevant to the organization when they provide the information the organization needs, efficiently and on a timely basis. The information should support the decision-making process that impacts customers, productivity, or business performance.

To determine the relevance of an organization’s computer systems to their mission, Designed To Fit, LLC performs an audit of the computer systems, evaluating how the staff use the computer systems in support of the mission.

Based on the results of the audit, we provide recommendations on how to make your computer systems more productive and relevant to the organization.

Designed To Fit, LLC also provides software design and implementation services. And can provide referrals to other organizations for services that Designed To Fit does not provide.

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