Ron Lindenau

Ron Lindenau has over thirty years of computer systems experience, with a solid financial accounting background, and a good understanding of the workings of many types of businesses.

During his career, Ron has worked on both sides of Information Technology, as an IT provider and as a technology based user. These experiences have given him an expansive view of how computer systems can aid an organization, and how groups within an organization can interact to create efficient, effective computer systems.

As a consultant, Ron has worked with many types of organizations. He has designed and performed many audits, including for a major US bank. He has developed numerous systems, including a Constituent Tracking system to manage client relationships for a not-for-profit, and a Customer Relationship Management system to track and communicate with the customers and prospects of a seller of machine tool equipment. He has also managed the implementation and growth of network environments for small to medium sized businesses.

Based on his experience, Ron developed a deep commitment to aligning systems to what the organization is seeking to accomplish. More often than not, he saw that systems were poorly aligned with what the organization was trying to accomplish and therefore he made it his mission to help organizations align their systems to be strategically relevant.

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