Designed To Fit, LLC is committed to helping organizations meet their mission, or core purpose and the needs of their customers, by ensuring their computer systems are relevant for their current operation and for their future strategic direction.

We recognize that each organization has a unique footprint and work with them in that manner.  We deeply appreciate that uniqueness and work together with people to change their systems for the better.

We perform an audit of the organization to determine how relevant its computer systems are to the organizations mission, and, with that information, focus on making its computer systems more strategically relevant.

Operating Principles

We treat each client as unique. Our goal is to respect that uniqueness and to empower them to use their computer systems to support what makes the organization distinctively relevant to its stakeholders.

We work to make each clients computer systems productive and impactful to its organization. This means integrating data into relevant information and increasing the organizations efficiency, flexibility and agility.

We think each organization is responsible for the state of its computer systems, and that our responsibility is to provide tools that will help their computer systems support the purpose set out in their mission statement.

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